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  • 7SJ6421-4EB91-1HG0 / EE Multifunction Protection
7SJ6421-4EB91-1HG0 / EE Multifunction Protection

7SJ6421-4EB91-1HG0 / EE Multifunction Protection

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
Minimal Pembelian 1 Unit



Detail 7SJ6421-4EB91-1HG0 / EE Multifunction Protection

Protection functions Time-overcurrent protection Directional time-overcurrent protection Sensitive dir./ non-dir. earth-fault detection Displacement voltage Intermittent earth-fault protection High-impedance restricted earth fault Inrush restraint Motor protection Overload protection Temperature monitoring Under-/ overvoltage protection Under-/ overfrequency protection Rate-of-frequency-change protection Power protection ( e.g. reverse, factor) Breaker failure protection Negative-sequence protection Phase-sequence monitoring Synchronization Auto-reclosure Fault locator Lockout Control functions/ programmable logic Flexible number of switching devices Position of switching elements is shown on the graphic display Local/ remote switching via keyoperated switch Control via keyboard, binary inputs, DIGSI 4 or SCADA system Extended user-defined logic with CFC ( e.g. interlocking) Monitoring functions Operational measured values V, I, f, ... Energy metering values Wp, Wq Circuit-breaker wear monitoring Slave pointer Trip circuit supervision Fuse failure monitor 8 oscillographic fault records Communication interfaces System interface – IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850 – PROFIBUS-FMS / DP – DNP 3.0 / MODBUS RTU Service interface for DIGSI 4 ( modem) Additional interface for temperature detection ( RTD-box) Front interface for DIGSI 4 Time synchronization via IRIG B/ DCF77