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  • 7XV5662-0AC00 - DD Comunication Unit
7XV5662-0AC00 - DD Comunication Unit

7XV5662-0AC00 - DD Comunication Unit

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail 7XV5662-0AC00 - DD Comunication Unit

7XV5662-0AC00 / 7XV5662-0AC01 Communication Converter for Pilot Wires DescriptionFunction overview Optical interface with ST connector for connection to the protection unit Distance: 1.5 km with 62.5/ 125 ¼ m multi-mode FO cable between CC-CO and the protection unit Electrical interface to the pilot wire ( line) with 2 screw-type terminals. 5 kV isolated Synchronous data exchange for 7SD52, 7SD6, 7SA6 and 7SA52 via pilot wire ( typ. 15 km) ( CC-CO version -0AA00) Asynchronous data exchange for 7SD51, 7XV5653 or other units with asynchronous interface ( CC-CO version-0AA01) ( typ. 15 km) Loop test function selectable by jumpers in CC-CO Master or slave mode of the CC-CO selectable by jumper ( one master and one slave device required at the end of the pilot wire, factory presetting: master mode) Wide-range power supply with self-supervision function and alarm contact