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  • ABB Rxmh 2 RK223068-AN
ABB Rxmh 2 RK223068-AN

ABB Rxmh 2 RK223068-AN

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail ABB Rxmh 2 RK223068-AN

RXMH 2 is an auxiliary relay with heavy-duty bridge contacts. It is used as a tripping relay or as a protective multi-contact output relay. It has a high breaking capacity, good contact reliability and is free from risk of contact welding. RXMH 2 is used when many heavy-duty contacts are required. RXMH 2 can, as an option, be provided with an operating flag indicator. The flag becomes visible when the armature picks-up and remains visible after drop-out. The flag is manually reset by means of a resetting knob in the cover. For checking the operation the relay has a push-button which is accessible through a hole in the cover. The relay occupies two seats. Main Features: Eight heavy-duty contacts Optional indicating flag - hand reset High breaking capacity High contact reliability Free from risk of welding