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  • Areva DIP 5000 Comprehensive
Areva DIP 5000 Comprehensive

Areva DIP 5000 Comprehensive

Update Terakhir 15 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Areva DIP 5000 Comprehensive

Telecommunication networks and protection devices have undergone significant change in recent years, partly due to the massive deployment of optical fibre. With that change has come an increase in complexity, which can compromise the level of control exercised over critical information such as protection signals from power utilities. It also becomes harder to identify responsibilities in the event of failure. The solution is to specify maintenance-free equipment that is easy to commission and offers a high level of flexibility for installation within the substation. To address this need, AREVA T& D has developed solutions that integrate with our new teleprotection DIP 5000, enabling supervision of the telecom network and enhancing the security of the protection