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  • Distance relay SEL-321-1 Phase and Ground
Distance relay SEL-321-1 Phase and Ground

Distance relay SEL-321-1 Phase and Ground

Update Terakhir 16 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Distance Relay SEL-321-1 Phase And Ground

SEL-321 Phase and Ground Distance Relay Select the SEL-321 Relay for complete distance protection including single-pole tripping and series-compensated lines. Key Features * Comprehensive and Secure Distance Protection Four zones of phase and ground mho elements plus four zones ground distance quadrilateral elements, each reversible, with independent phase and ground timers for complete distance protection. Positive-sequence memory voltage polarization with long memory time constant for three-phase fault directional security. Negative-sequence impedance directional element polarization for sensitive and secure operation during unbalanced faults. * Extensive Supplemental Protection Elements and Logic Four residual and negative-sequence overcurrent elements with negative-sequence directional control. Phase, sequence, and ground time-overcurrent elements for backup protection. Out-of-step elements for power swing blocking and tripping. Phase and sequence under-and overvoltage elements. Load encroachment logic to protect against false operations during heavy load conditions. Single-pole tripping logic. Built-in communications-assisted tripping scheme logic. SELOGIC® Control Equations for custom scheme logic. * Multiple Settings Groups Six settings groups, for maximum protection scheme flexibility, allow application with bus-tie breakers or for remote system reconfiguration. * Fault Locating Use the built-in fault locator to efficiently dispatch line inspection and repair personnel. * Communications Patented MIRRORED BITS™ Communications and communications-assisted tripping schemes. Options * Chassis available for one additional interface I/ O board. * I/ O boards with contact sensing inputs and standard control outputs, high-current interrupting outputs, or high-speed, high-current interrupting outputs. * Connectorized® ( plug-in connectors) . * Vertical or horizontal, panel-mount or rack-mount hardware packages ( panel-mount available in Connectorized version only) . * Extra long time event eports, including oscillography, available in the SEL-321-2 Relay. Applications * Apply the SEL-321 Relay for primary and/ or backup single-or three-pole trip transmission line protection, including series-compensated lines. * Use the advanced single-pole tripping logic with phase selection, open-pole interval protection, and phase discordance logic with three-pole trip to protect against excessive single-pole-open events. * Choose from among the many communications-assisted tripping schemes available ( POTT, DCUB, DCB, PUTT, DUTT, and DTT) including unique MIRRORED BITS communications. * Select the load-encroachment feature to prevent operation of three-phase elements under high load conditions. * Use the time-overcurrent elements to provide current-dependent, time-delayed fault detection along the protected line and backup protection for remote terminals. * Use weak-infeed logic to rapidly clear both line terminals for internal faults near the weak terminal. * Select the SEL-321-5 Relay for enhanced performance on 50 Hz systems, including single-pole tripping.