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  • Disturbance recorder TPE 2000 ALSTOM
Disturbance recorder TPE 2000 ALSTOM

Disturbance recorder TPE 2000 ALSTOM

Update Terakhir 14 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Disturbance Recorder TPE 2000 ALSTOM

Introduction The TPE 2000 disturbance recording system lets you record, display and analyse tne disturbances occuring on the electric energy transmission and distribution networks. The system is comprised of different items of equipment that are used to : ï ¿ ½ capture values when a disturbance occurs, ï ¿ ½ restitute these values. The acquisition unit ( UA) records the analog values ( current or voltage) and logic data ( from protective devices, automatic control devices and equipment) concerning the monitored installation. The restitution unit ( UR) lets you concentrate several UAs and prints the recordings locally. A micro-computer that is equipped with operating and analysis software Win TPE can also be used locally or remotely to program the equipments and retrieve data for analysis. Hardware configurations A configuration adapted to your needs can be created by associating the different items of equipment making up the TPE 2000 system : local operation Acquisition and restitution units are located at the centre of the station. The UAs are connected to the UR via a current loop ( a maximum of 24 UAs can be connected to one UR) . The events are therefore restituted event by event or on request; the acquisition units are programmed and directly loaded from the UR. Remote operations The UAs and UR are linked via a MODEM or PAD X25 to a micro-computer ( IBM-PC type or compatible) equipped with Win TPE software. Three types of link are possible : ï ¿ ½ micro-computer-UA link ï ¿ ½ micro-computer-UR link, the UR is itself linked to the UAs ( 24 maximum) via a current loop. ï ¿ ½ Operating isolated acquisition units The UAs can either be programmed locally, or by physically transporting the cartettes ( UA removable mass memories) which have been configured beforehand by a micro-computer equipped with a cartette reader unit ( ULC) and Win TPE software. The recordings can be remotely restituted by a micro-computer with Win TPE software w ic ets im/ er program the UAs and retrieve and display the events locally ( via RS 232/ V24 front panel connector) . 2