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117 3 Base unit Presentation User-Machine Interface Two types of User-Machine Interfaces ( UMI) are available for Sepam series 80 base units: b mimic-based UMI b advanced UMI. The advanced UMI can be integrated in the base unit or installed remotely on the cubicle. Integrated and remote advanced UMIs offer the same functions. A Sepam series 80 with a remote advanced UMI is made up of: b a bare base unit without any UMI, for mounting inside the LV compartment b a remote advanced UMI ( DSM303) v for flush mounting on the front panel of the cubicle in the location most suitable for the facility manager v for connection to the Sepam base unit using a prefabricated CCA77x cord. The characteristics of the remote advanced UMI module ( DSM303) are presented on page 162. Comprehensive data for facility managers All the data required for local equipment operation may be displayed on demand: b display of all measurement and diagnosis data in numerical format with units and/ or in bar graphs b display of operating and alarm messages, with alarm acknowledgment and Sepam resetting b display of the list of activated protection functions and the main settings of major protection functions b adaptation of activated protection function set points or time delays in response to new operating constraints b display of Sepam and remote module versions b output testing and logic input status display b display of Logipam data: status of variables, timers b entry of 2 passwords to protect parameter and protection settings. Local control of devices using the mimic-based UMI The mimic-based UMI provides the same functions as the advanced UMI as well as local control of devices: b selection of the Sepam control mode b view device status on the animated mimic diagram b local opening and closing of all the devices controlled by Sepam. Ergonomic data presentation b keypad keys identified by pictograms for intuitive navigation b menu-guided access to data b graphical LCD screen to display any character or symbol b excellent display quality under all lighting conditions : automatic contrast setting and backlit screen ( user activated) . Working language All the texts and messages displayed on the advanced UMI or on the mimic-based UMI are available in 2 languages: b English, the default working language b and a second language, which may be v French v Spanish v another " local" language. Please contact us regarding local language customization. Connection of Sepam to the parameter setting tool The SFT2841 parameter setting tool is required for Sepam protection and parameter setting. A PC containing the SFT2841 software is connected to the RS 232 communication port on the front of the unit. PE88040 Sepam series 80 base unit with integrated advanced UMI. PE88041 Sepam series 80 base unit with mimic-based UMI. PE88042 Customized Chinese advanced UMI. Base units are defined according to the following characteristics: b type of User-Machine Interface ( UMI) b working language b type of base unit connector b type of current sensor connector b type of voltage sensor connector. Characteristics Sepam series 80 118 3 Base unit Presentation Selection guide Base unit With remote advanced UMI With integrated advanced UMI With mimic-based UMI PE88043 PE88040 PE88041 Functions Local indication Metering and diagnosis data b b b Alarms and operating messages b b b List of activated protection functions b b b Main protection settings b b b Version of Sepam and remote modules b b b Status of logic inputs b b b Logipam data b b b Switchgear status on the animated mimic diagram b Phasor diagram of currents or voltages b Local control Alarm acknowledgement b b b Sepam reset b b b Output testing b b b Selection of Sepam control mode b Device open/ close order b Characteristics Screen Size 128 x 64 pixels 128 x 64 pixels 128 x 240 pixels Automatic contrast setting b b b Backlit screen b b b Keypad Number of keys 9 9 14 Control-mode switch Remote / Local / Test LEDs Sepam operating status b base unit: 2 LEDs visible on back b remote advanced UMI: 2 LEDs visible on front 2 LEDs, visible from front and back 2 LEDs, visible from front and back Indication LEDs 9 LEDs on remote advanced UMI 9 LEDs on front 9 LEDs on front Mounting b bare base unit, mounted at the back of the compartment using the AMT880 mounting plate b DSM303 remote advanced UMI module , flush mounted on the front of the cubicle and connected to the base unit with the CCA77x prefabricated cord Flush mounted on front of cubicle Flush mounted on front of cubicle Characteristics Sepam series 80 119 3 Hardware characteristics Removable memory cartridge The cartridge contains all the Sepam characteristics: b all Sepam protection and parameter settings b all the metering and protection functions required for the application b predefined control functions b functions customized by control matrix or logic equations b functions programmed by Logipam ( optional) b personalized local-control mimic diagram b accumulated energies and switchgear diagnosis values b working languages, customized and otherwise. It may be made tamper-proof by lead sealing. It is removable and easy to access on the front panel of Sepam to reduce maintenance time. If a base unit fails, simply: b switch off Sepam and unplug connectors b retrieve original cartridge b replace the faulty base unit by a spare base unit ( without cartridge) b load the original cartridge into the new base unit b plug in the connectors and switch Sepam on again: Sepam is operational, with all its standard and customized functions, without requiring any reloading of protection and parameter settings. Backup battery Standard lithium battery, 1/ 2 AA format, 3.6 Volts. It allows the following data to be stored in the event of an auxiliary power outage: b time-tagged event tables b disturbance recording data b peak demands, tripping context, etc b date and time. The battery presence and charge are monitored by Sepam. The main data ( e.g. protection and parameter settings) are saved in the event of an auxiliary power outage, regardless of the state of the battery. Auxiliary power supply DC power supply voltage from 24 to 250 V DC. Five relay outputs The 5 relay outputs O1 to O5 on the base unit must be connected to connector A . Each output can be assigned to a predetermined function using the SFT2841 software. O1 to O4 are 4 control outputs with one NO contact, used by default for the switchgear control function: b O1: switchgear tripping b O2: switchgear closing inhibition b O3: switchgear closing b O4: available. O5 is an indication output used by default for the watchdog function and has two contacts, one NC and one NO. Base unit Presentation PE88044 Sepam series 80 memory cartridge and backup battery. Characteristics Sepam series 80 120 3 Main connector and voltage and residual current input connector A choice of 2 types of removable, screw-lockable 20-pin connectors: b CCA620 screw-type connectors b or CCA622 ring lug connectors. The presence of the connector is monitored. Connector for additional voltage inputs ( Sepam B83) CCT640 connector, removable and screw-lockable. The presence of the CCT640 connector is monitored. Phase current input connectors Current sensors connected to removable, screw-lockable connectors according to type of sensors used: b CCA630 or CCA634 connector for 1 A or 5 A current transformers b or CCA671 connector for LPCT sensors. The presence of these connectors is monitored. Mounting accessories Spring clips 8 spring clips are supplied with the base unit to flush-mount Sepam in mounting plates 1.5 to 6 mm thick. Simple, tool-free installation. AMT880 mounting plate It is used to mount a Sepam without UMI inside the compartment with access to connectors on the rear panel. Mounting used with remote advanced UMI module ( DSM303) . AMT820 blanking plate It fills in the space left when a standard model Sepam 2000 is replaced by a Sepam series 80. Spare base units The following spares are available to replace faulty base units: b base units with or without UMI, without cartridge or connectors b all types of standard cartridges, with or without the Logipam option. AMT852 lead sealing accessory The AMT852 lead sealing accessory can be used to prevent unauthorized modification of the settings of Sepam series 80 units with integrated advanced UMIs. The accessory includes: b a lead-sealable cover plate b the screws required to secure the cover plate to the integrated advanced UMI of the Sepam unit. Note: the AMT852 lead sealing accessory can secured only to the integrated advanced UMIs of Sepam series 80 units Contact us to determine the serial number of the device on wich you can fit the lead sealing accessory. Base unit Presentation PE88045 Characteristics Sepam series 80 121 3 Front panel with advanced UMI DE88156 Base unit Description 1 Green LED: Sepam on. 2 Red LED: Sepam unavailable. 3 9 yellow indication LEDs. 4 Label identifying the indication LEDs. 5 Graphical LCD screen. 6 Display of measurements. 7 Display of switchgear, network and machine diagnosis data. 8 Display of alarm messages. 9 Sepam reset ( or confirm data entry) . 10 Acknowledgement and clearing of alarms ( or move cursor up) . 11 LED test ( or move cursor down) . 12 Display and adaptation of activated protection settings. 13 Display of Sepam and Logipam data. 14 Entry of 2 passwords. 15 RS 232 PC connection port. 16 Backup battery. 17 Memory cartridge. 18 Door. Front panel with mimic-based UMI DE88157 1 Graphical LCD screen. 2 Green LED: Sepam on. 3 Red LED: Sepam unavailable. 4 Local close order. 5 Local open order. 6 Label identifying the indication LEDs. 7 9 yellow indication LEDs. 8 Move cursor up. 9 Confirm data entry. 10 Move cursor down. 11 RS 232 PC connection port. 12 Transparent door. 13 Entry of 2 passwords. 14 Mimic-based UMI display. 15 Sepam reset. 16 Display of alarm messages. 17 Acknowledgement and clearing of alarms. 18 Display of switchgear and network diagnosis data ( or LED test) . 19 Display and adaptation of activated protection settings. 20 Display of measurements. 21 Display of Sepam and Logipam data. 22 Three-position key switch to select Sepam control mode. 23 Backup battery. 24 Memory cartridge. 25 Door. Characteristics Sepam series 80 122 3 Rear panel DE88158 Base unit Description 1 Base unit. 2 8 fixing points for 4 spring clips. 3 Red LED: Sepam unavailable. 4 Green LED: Sepam on. 5 Gasket. A 20-pin connector for: b 24 V DC to 250 V DC auxiliary supply b 5 relay outputs. B1 Connector for 3 phase current I1, I2, I3 inputs. B2 b Sepam T87, M87, M88, G87, G88: connector for 3 phase current I' 1, I' 2, I' 3 inputs b Sepam B83: connector for v 3 phase voltage V' 1, V' 2, V' 3 inputs v 1 residual voltage V’ 0 input. b Sepam C86: connector for capacitor unbalance current inputs. C1 Modbus communication port 1. C2 Modbus communication port 2. D1 Remote module connection port 1. D2 Remote module connection port 2. E 20-pin connector for: b phase voltage V1, V2, V3 inputs b 1 residual voltage V0 input. b 2 residual current I0, I' 0 inputs. F Spare port. H1 Connector for 1st MES120 input/ output module. H2 Connector for 2nd MES120 input/ output module. H3 Connector for 3rd MES120 input/ output module. t Functional earth. Characteristics Sepam series 80 123 3 Base unit Technical characteristics Weight Base unit with advanced UMI Base unit with mimic-based UMI Minimum weight ( base unit without MES120) 2.4 kg ( 5.29 lb) 3.0 kg ( 6.61 lb) Maximum weight ( base unit with 3 MES120) 4.0 kg ( 8.82 lb) 4.6 kg ( 10.1 lb) Sensor inputs Phase current inputs 1 A or 5 A CT Input impedance < 0.02 © Consumption 100 k © Consommation < 0.015 VA ( 100 V VT) < 0.015 VA ( 100 V VT) Continuous thermal withstand 240 V 240 V 1-second overload 480 V 480 V Isolation of inputs in relation to other isolated groups Enhanced Enhanced Relay outputs Control relay outputs O1 to O4 and 0 x 0.1 ( 1) Voltage DC 24/ 48 V DC 127 V DC 220 V DC AC ( 47.5 to 63 Hz) 100 to 240 V AC Continuous current 8 A 8 A 8 A 8 A Breaking capacity Resistive load 8 A / 4 A 0.7 A 0.3 A Load L/ R < 20 ms 6 A / 2 A 0.5 A 0.2 A Load L/ R 0.3 5 A Making capacity < 15 A for 200 ms Isolation of outputs in relation to other isolated groups Enhanced Annunciation relay output O5 Voltage DC 24/ 48 V DC 127 V DC 220 V DC AC ( 47.5 to 63 Hz) 100 to 240 V AC Continuous current 2 A 2 A 2 A 2 A Breaking capacity Load L/ R 0.3 1 A Isolation of outputs in relation to other isolated groups Enhanced Power supply Voltage 24 to 250 V DC -20 % / + 10 % Maximum consumption < 16 W Inrush current 0.1 Ino for the 50n/ 51n and 67n protection functions, with I0 calculated as the sum of the phase currents. Characteristics Sepam series 80