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Inet Spectra

Inet Spectra

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Spectra is a m ulti-protocol analyzer with the revolutionary ability to handle the com plexity of your network and bring all your data together. Targeted to the needs of advanced SS7, SIGTRAN, PCS, GSM, GPRS, IS-41 and ISDN networks and labs, the Spectra brings diverse protocols into a comm on environm ent for efficient, integrated troubleshooting, deploym ent and development. Conform ance Test Suites ensure network compliance with national and international signaling standards. Expand your product offering Spectra is the test solution for fixed and wireless technologies in markets as diverse as North America, Europe, China and Japan. Flexible call generation traffic models work transparently across traditional SS7, ATM or SIGTRAN interfaces and the Spectra system can be integrated into the Spectra 2 Next Generation VoIP platform for SS7 & IP environments. Intuitive User Interface The Spectra System includes an intuitive user interface with pop-up m enus and single-keystroke com m ands. Spectra' s rapid configuration allows you to change test and m onitoring scenarios on the fly and save commonly-used configurations, filters, tests and other settings for quick setup. With the Spectra System , you can plug in or remove the external physical interface pods without shutting down. Test More of your Network Test more of your network with fewer links using up to 16 virtual nodes to expand your em ulated network without additional hardware or connections. Built-in modules allow you to look into your SS7 network to collect statistics or capture signal units for troubleshooting and analysis, even while testing, em ulating or generating traffic. Captured SS7, X.25 and ISDN messages can be displayed together on one screen or individually expanded to display every message parameter and value in plain English. Simultaneous Multi-Protocol Processing Whether your network services rely on wireline, wireless or both technologies, you need sim ultaneous m ulti- protocol processing power to monitor, test, emulate and generate traffic