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  • Kitz Relay Alstom
Kitz Relay Alstom

Kitz Relay Alstom

Update Terakhir 15 / 12 / 2019
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This three-model range of KITZ20x Courier interface units and protocol converters provides local serial connections for interfacing with computers./ Global/ Grid/ Resources/ Content/ 8f7d649a-6476-445e-8b58-b459a1a0e2f 2.jpg Designed to the same high standards as protection relays, the KITZ 20x interface series is a reliable, flexible system that provides communications between K-BUS ports and IEC60870 format data, as well as protocol conversion. Computer interfacing and protocol conversion This specific KITZ series provides conversion between K-BUS ports of IEC60870 format data and protocol conversion. It also provides an EIA232 serial connection via a Courier software package. Offering a range of rear port options, the 20x series is most commonly used as a SCADA interface to allow for a rack or panel mounted solution or for protocol conversion. Suitable for mounting The 20x KITZ range enables communications with many K-BUS devices and provides protocol conversion for K-BUS relays. Suitable for flush or rack mounting, if used with an adapter, it is possible to add or extend the SCADA system with industry standard protocols.