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  • Mitsubishi A1SX41-S2 Input Module
Mitsubishi A1SX41-S2 Input Module

Mitsubishi A1SX41-S2 Input Module

Update Terakhir 24 / 01 / 2024
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Detail Mitsubishi A1SX41-S2 Input Module

Input Module

MITSUBISHI A1SX41-S2 Product information and technical parameters´╝Ü
Name: DC leakage type input module
Model: A1SX41-S2
Type of input: DC leakage.
Input points: 32 points.
Input voltage: DC24.
Input current: 7mA.
Connection mode: terminal row.
Common common point: 32.
Functional block diagram language is a kind of PLC programming language, which is similar to digital logic circuit.
The function module is used to represent the function of the module,
Different function modules have different functions.
Functional module figure programming language features: functional block diagram programming language is characterized by a functional module for the unit,
Analysis and understanding of the control scheme is simple and easy: function module is to use graphical form of expression,
Intuitive, for a digital logic circuit based on the design of the staff is very easy to master the programming;
Control system with complex scale and complex control logic,
Because the function module diagram can clearly express the function relation, the programming debugging time is greatly reduced.