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Motor Protection 7SG1714 RHO3 Siemens

Motor Protection 7SG1714 RHO3 Siemens

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Motor Protection 7SG1714 RHO3 Siemens

Advanced motor protection - for medium voltage motors • Easily programmable settings and user interface • Thermal overload and restart inhibit protection • Stall and locked rotor protection • Short circuit and earth fault protection • Phase unbalance protection • Undercurrent detection • Limitation of number of starts • Optional thermistor or resistance temperature detector ( RTD) inputs • Circuit breaker fail • Trip circuit supervision • CT supervision • Earth fault trip inhibit for contactor control application • Status inputs with programmable independent pickup and drop off timers. User Interface Indication 16 character x 2 line backlit LCD Menu navigation keys LEDs for TRIP, MOTOR STARTING, MOTOR RUNNING, STARTER and PROTECTION HEALTHY status. Description Monitoring Functions Monitored quantities can be displayed on the LCD screen or via the communications port. Monitored values include: - • Primary/ secondary currents • Motor full load current • PPS & NPS currents • Thermal equivalent current • Phase difference current • Motor status ( Stopped, running) • Time to trip • Time to start • Thermal capacity used • Total starts • Last start time • Last start current • Motor run time • Total run time • Maximum demand/ time • Output relay status • Status inputs • Trip circuit healthy/ failure • Trip counters • I 2 summation • Number of waveform and event records stored Function Overview • Time and Date Siemens Protection Devices Limited