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  • POWER METER PM 710, PM 800, PM 820
POWER METER PM 710, PM 800, PM 820

POWER METER PM 710, PM 800, PM 820

Update Terakhir 19 / 12 / 2019
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Detail POWER METER PM 710, PM 800, PM 820

What is the Power Meter? The power meter is a multifunction, digital instrumentation, data acquisition and control device. It can replace a variety of meters, relays, transducers and other components. The power meter can be installed at multiple locations within a facility. The power meter is equipped with RS485 communications for integration into any power monitoring and control system. However, System Manager™ software ( SMS) from PowerLogic, which is written specifically for power monitoring and control, best supports the power meter’ s advanced features. The power meter is a true rms meter capable of exceptionally accurate measurement of highly nonlinear loads. A sophisticated sampling technique enables accurate, true rms measurement through the 63rd harmonic. You can view over 50 metered values plus minimum and maximum data from the display or remotely using software. Table 1– 2 summarizes the readings available from the power meter.