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  • PRI Meter 22KV, 110Volt, 400, 1A 50HZ CL 0.2S
PRI Meter 22KV, 110Volt, 400, 1A 50HZ CL 0.2S

PRI Meter 22KV, 110Volt, 400, 1A 50HZ CL 0.2S

Update Terakhir 13 / 12 / 2019
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Detail PRI Meter 22KV, 110Volt, 400, 1A 50HZ CL 0.2S

The most flexible metering platform The next generation of meters will need to provide a single platform to allow the collection of data for water, gas and electricity" . The Premier meter offer: Code of Practice 2, 3 and 5 with accuracy up to class 0.2s Pulse logging of other utility meters Pluq in modem Extended multi parameter load survey storage Premier Metering System Premier offers a unique approach to metering and data collection. Combining the reliability of CALMUTM technology with the cutting edge of information technology Premier will provide you with cost-effective metering. In the future, it will become increasingly important to reduce the costs of managing multiple metering systems. Premier provides a single metering platform for accuracy class 0.2s, 0.5s, and 2.0s applications - ensuring the highest levels of productivity. As customers search for ever more flexible metering systems, companies offering ' added value services' will gain the competitive advantage. Premier integrates with existing data collection, or energy management systems, to provide four programmable pulse output channels which can be triggered by energy or events. A large programmable LCD displays a customizable range of visual metering and diagnostic information. Premier meters work seamlessly with PRI software products, empowering users to analyse both instantaneous and integrated data. If different installations require different communications equipment, it makes sense to choose a meter that is compatible with all types. There are three communication ports on a Premier meter, introducing flexibility for programming. installation, commissioning and data gathering. PRI' s standard PACT port is ' available for binary data transfer via an external modem, packaged data radio system or any other serial communications technology. Local meter reading is available from an IEC1107 port using PRI PACT protocol. A third port, sited under the main terminal cover, is available for an integral modem, external modem radio system or a local area network facility via a 25-pin RS232 socket. Multi-utility data collection need not be a complicated and expensive process. As a multi-utility data collector, Premier reduces hardware costs by removing the need for dataloggers. In addition to its four pulse outputs, Premier meters support two pulse input channels that can be used to collect data from other utility meters.