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  • Selco T4800 Load Sharer
Selco T4800 Load Sharer

Selco T4800 Load Sharer

Update Terakhir 11 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Selco T4800 Load Sharer

T4800 Load Sharer • Automatic load sharing with relay outputs for speed control • 2-wire communication with other T4800 Load Sharers • System frequency control • Unload facility • Reverse power and unloaded trip • Visual indication of voltage, increase, decrease and unload signals • Cost effective and highly reliable compact design • 50 hours burn-in before final test • Operating temperature range: -20° C to + 70° C • Vibration test up to 4g RMS • Certified by major marine classification societies • Flame retardant enclosure • DIN rail or screw mounting Application The T4800 Load Sharer provides automatic load sharing and system frequency control for parallel running generators. The load sharing is proportional, meaning that the generators will be loaded equally compared to their individual capacity. The load on each generator is compared with the load on the other generators and corrected until balance is obtained. Load sharing is necessary after synchronization in order to re-establish load balance and to obtain long term stability of load and system frequency. When applied with the B9300 Power Reference Unit, one or several genera­ tors can be operated in parallel with the grid ( utility) . Together with the T4500 Auto Synchronizer, the T4800 provides the optimal solution for generator control, both in marine and land-based applications. The T4800 is type approved by major marine classification societies. The T4900 VAr-Load Sharer can also be used as a supplement. The combination of the T4800 and the T4900 will provide complete load sharing of both active load and reactive load.