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  • Sepam S42 Schneider Electric
Sepam S42 Schneider Electric

Sepam S42 Schneider Electric

Update Terakhir 20 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Sepam S42 Schneider Electric

Main functions Protection b phase overcurrent protection and earth fault protection with adjustable reset time and switching of the active group of settings and logic discrimination b earth fault protection insensitive to transformer switching b RMS thermal overload protection that takes into account external operating temperature and ventilation operating rates b directional earth fault protection suitable for all earthing systems, isolated, compensated or impedant neutral b directional phase overcurrent protection with voltage memory b voltage and frequency protection functions ( under/ over, … ) . Sepam series 40 a modular solution. Sepam series 40 with basic UMI and with fixed advanced UMI. Communication Sepam series 40 is totally compatible with the Modbus communication standard. All the data needed for centralized equipment management from a remote monitoring and control system are available via the Modbus communication port: b reading: all measurements, alarms, protection settings, ... b writing: breaking device remote control orders, ... . Diagnosis 3 types of diagnosis data for improved operation: b network and machine diagnosis: tripping current, context of the last 5 trips, unbalance ratio, disturbance recording b switchgear diagnosis: cumulative breaking current, trip circuit supervision, operating time b diagnosis of the protection unit and additional modules: continuous self-testing, watchdog. Control and monitoring b circuit breaker program logic ready to use, requiring no auxiliary relays or additional wiring b adaptation of control functions by a logic equation editor b preprogrammed, customizable alarm messages on messages on UMI. MT11212 User Machine Interface 2 levels of User Machine Interface ( UMI) are available according to the user’ s needs: b basic UMI: an economical solution for installations that do not require local operation ( run via a remote monitoring and control system) b fixed or remote advanced UMI: a graphic LCD display and 9-key keypad are used to display the measurement and diagnosis values, alarm and operating messages and provide access to protection and parameter setting values, for installations that are operated locally. Expert UMI software The SFT2841 PC software tool gives access to all the Sepam functions, with all the facilities and convenience provided by a Windows type environment.