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Siemens 7XG22 – 2RMLG02

Siemens 7XG22 – 2RMLG02

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Siemens 7XG22 – 2RMLG02

The range of 2RMLG Test Blocks, housed within an Epsilon enclosure, offers facilities for monitoring and secondary injection testing of power system protection schemes in conjunction with the 2RMLB-S multi-fingered test plug. The 2RMLG Test Block has 14 pairs of spring loaded contacts which are linked to a terminal block positioned at the rear of the enclosure. The 2RMLG07 is coded to only accept the 2RMLB-S7 Test Plug which has connection terminals 21, 23, 25 & 27, internally – For typical application see Fig 4. The 2RMLG08 is coded to only accept the 2RMLB-S8 Test Plug which has internal pairs 1& 3, 5& 7, 9& 11 and 15& 17 shorted together internally – For typical applications see Figs 5, 6, 7 & 8. The 2RMLG09 is coded to only accept the 2RMLB-S9 Test Plug which has internal pairs 1-3-5-7, and 17-19 shorted together internally. Each pair of contacts is normally closed completing the circuit through the test block when the associated protection equipment is in use. For testing purposes the test block can be accessed by removing the front cover. The 2RMLG 01 has a metallic probe attached to the front cover assembly which when withdrawn open circuits the 2 contacts at position 13 and 14. The main dc auxiliary supply to the protection scheme or relay can be wired to this circuit to prevent inadvertent tripping of the protection circuit after removal of the cover and during the test procedure. The 2RMLG 02/ 07/ 08/ 09 do not include the above facility and contacts 13 and 14 are normally closed. These contacts must not be used for current circuits, as the relevant contact finger on the 2RMLB test plug is shorter in this position.