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Siemens Vacuum Contactors 3TL6

Siemens Vacuum Contactors 3TL6

Update Terakhir 15 / 03 / 2021
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Detail Siemens Vacuum Contactors 3TL6

Application 3TL vacuum contactors are 3-pole contactors with electromagnetically-operated mechanism for medium-voltage switchgear. They are load-break switchgear with a limited short-circuit making and short-circuit breaking capacity and are used for high switching frequencies ( > 10, 000 operating cycles) . The vacuum contactors are suitable for operational switching of AC loads in indoor and can perform, for example, the following switching duties:  Switching of three-phase motors in AC-3 and AC-4 operation  Switching of transformers  Switching of reactors  Switching of ohmic loads ( e.g. arc furnaces)  Switching of capacitors With reversing contactor combinations, only one contactor is required for each direction of rotation, if HV HRC fuses are used for short-circuit protection. Application examples  Conveyor and lift systems  Pump stations  Ventilation and heating  Systems for reactive-power compensation for the following branches of industry:  Mining  Steel  Gas and petrochemicals  Paper  Cement