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Vigirex Tore Ta 30

Vigirex Tore Ta 30

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Vigirex Tore Ta 30

Presentation The sensors are earth leakage current detectors up to 3200 A. They transmit a signal proportionnal to this current to the associated Vigirex relay. They can be installed on three phases, two phases, single phases, alternative current networks, type TT, IT or TNS. Their measurement dynamic allows the associated Vigirex relay to : protect the people against undirect contacts protect the people against direct contacts ( supplementary) protect goods against fire hazards protect motors protect earth wire. For new installations, it is advisable to use closed toroï ds, the internal window diameter range of which allows their installation on any type of cable. For installations to be up graded, split toroï d can be mounted directly on existing cables.