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  • 1B230 Auto Reclose Relay " RMS"
1B230 Auto Reclose Relay  RMS

1B230 Auto Reclose Relay RMS

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail 1B230 Auto Reclose Relay RMS

Operating records for overhead power lines reveal that most faults are of a transient nature ( e.g. lightning induced) & that service interruptions may be minimized by use of automatic reclosing of circuit breakers. An automatic reclosure of the circuit breaker, after the fault clears, provides improved service continuity & system stability. The 1B230 Series Reclose Relay provides for single or double shot automatic reclosing of circuit breakers, following interruption of supply due to a fault in the system. Features * Single or double shot reclose with selectable auto reset mode * Shunt initiate input * Optional series initiate input * Safe to reclose input * Line voltage interlock * CB reclose spring status input to defer auto reclose pulse until fully charged * Lockout LED indication * Drive to lockout input * Remote reset input * Reclose in progress LED * Instantaneous protection inhibit output & LED indication * Wide auxiliary supply range with fail alarm contact * Independently adjustable dead time delay per shot * Common adjustable reclaim time delay * Optional reclose counter * Simple rugged design * Size 4M draw out case