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Power Meter Siemens 7KG7610-0DD01-0AA0

Power Meter Siemens 7KG7610-0DD01-0AA0

Update Terakhir 13 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Power Meter Siemens 7KG7610-0DD01-0AA0

Function overview Description Siemens SIP · 2006; revised: Jan. 2007 PowerQuality / SIMEASP 1 SIMEAS P • Power meter for panel mounting • Measurement of voltage, current, active & reactive power, frequency, active & reactive energy, power factor, symmetry factor, voltage and current harmonics up to the 21 st , total harmonic distortion • Single-phase, three-phase balanced or unbalanced connection, four-wire con - nection • PROFIBUS-DP or MODBUS RTU/ ASCII or IEC 60870-5-103 communi - cation protocol • Simple parameterization via front key or RS485 communication port using SIMEAS P PAR software • Graphic display with background illu- mination with up to 20 programmable screens • Battery • Real-time clock Selectable screentypes • 2, 3, 4 or 6 measured values in one screen • One list screen for minimum, average and maximum values • Two types of screens for harmonics • One screen for oscilloscope function ( sampled values or r.m.s values) • One screen serving as phasor ( vector) diagram • Up to 20 screen types can be pro - grammed. Switching from one screen to another can be automatic or manual SIMEAS P PowerMeter SIMEAS P is a power meter for panel mounting with graphic display and back- ground illumination. The major applica- tion area is power monitoring and recording at MV and LV level. The major information types are measured values, alarms and status information. Measured values include r.m.s values of voltages ( phase-to-phase and/ or phase-to- ground) , currents, active, reactive and ap - parent power and energy, power factor, phase angle, harmonics of currents and voltages, total harmonic distortion per phase plus frequency and symmetry factor. The SIMEAS P comes with two binary out - puts, which can be configured for energy pulses, limit violations or status signals. The unit is also able to trigger on settable limits. This function can be programmed for sampled or r.m.s values. SIMEAS P generates a list of minimum, av - erage and maximum values for currents, voltages, power, energy, etc. lndependent settings for currents, voltages, active and reactive power, power factor, etc. are also possible. In case of a violation of these limits, the unit generates alarms. Up to 6 alarm groups can be defined using AND/ OR for logical combinations