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Siemens Current Transducer 7KG6111-2AJ10

Siemens Current Transducer 7KG6111-2AJ10

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Siemens Current Transducer 7KG6111-2AJ10

Direct Current Measuring Transducers Isolation Amplifiers Features Mode of operation Design Active measuring transducers for direct current and direct voltage or as isolation amplifiers. The Simeas T measuring transducer for direct current and direct voltage with auxiliary power converts the input current or input voltage into a load-independent direct output current or direct output voltage. Multiple devices such as recorders, indicators, remote controllers, computers or regulators can be connected at the output and operated directly or via remote connections up to the maximum permissible load.The input, output, and auxiliary power supply are electrically isolated from one another.