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Siemens 7KG6000 8EB NN

Siemens 7KG6000 8EB NN

Update Terakhir 12 / 12 / 2019
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The SIMEAS T universal transducer allows measurement of all electrical quantities occurring in any network in a single unit. Especially in power plants and substations transducers are used for isolation of electrical signals and for further processing of measured values. Any desired measured value current voltage active power frequency etc. can be assigned to each of the 3 analog outputs as well as any desired measuring range. The SIMEAS T universal transducer with RS232 interface can be ordered by additionally specifying a parameterization key along with plain language data. You can use this template. Please type your prameterization key into the plain text field until the ordering process. The unit can also be reparameterized with the SIMEAS T PAR software package SIMEAS T PAR Parameterization software SlMEAS T digital transducers with RS232 or RS485 interface can be parameterized or calibrated with the PC software SIMEAS T PAR. The measured quantities can be displayed on the PC online via a graphical meter or can be recorded and stored over a period of up to one week. The SIMEAS T PAR software enables the self parameterization of the digital transducer according to the desired parameter setting. SIMEAS EVAL Evaluation software Using the SIMEAS EVAL evaluation software the previously stored values with SIMEAS T PAR can be edited evaluated and printed in the form of a graphic or table. SIMEAS EVAL is a typical Windows program i.e. it is completely window oriented and all functions can be operated with the mouse or keyboard. SIMEAS EVAL is installed together with the SIMEAS T PAR parameterization package. Download catalogue manual and other detail information.