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Siemens Static Trip 3 RMS-TSIG-TZ-CP

Siemens Static Trip 3 RMS-TSIG-TZ-CP

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Siemens Static Trip 3 RMS-TSIG-TZ-CP

2 General Information Introduction The trip units of the Static Trip III family are microprocessor controlled overcurrent protection devices for application with Siemens Type RL series of low voltage power circuit breakers as well as other manufacturer’ s circuit breakers. In addition to the basic overcurrent protection functions, Static Trip III trip units have a full complement of standard and optional features. Included in these features are serial communica- tions, energy monitoring, and additional protective relaying functions. This full-features capability together with program- mable flexibility allows for the easy adaptation of new and changing protection requirements A standard feature on all trip units is RMS current sensing. As opposed to peak-current sensing, RMS sensing measures the true heating potential of the current waveform. This allows for more accurate overcurrent protection and eliminates nuisance tripping due to harmonic distortion of the current waveform There are four basic models of the trip units. All models are interchangeable on any frame rating of Siemens Type RL low voltage power circuit breakers. • Static Trip III models provide basic overcurrent protection. • Static Trip IIIC versions provide the added capabilities of communications and current metering. • Static Trip IIICP devices have full power metering. • Static Trip IIICPX trip units have extended protective relaying capabilities. Static Trip III trip units are also available with a universal mounting package for retrofit applications. The trip units may be used to retrofit the low voltage circuit breakers of almost every switchgear manufacturer